Nazaré is at Learning Technologies 2024

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If you’re going to Learning Technologies 2024 and would like to find out more about the session we’re delivering, or meet up with Wil and Shawn…

Future-proof your career: Building an AI toolkit for learning professionals

12.30 – 13.00
Wednesday 17 April 2024

Nazaré experts Wil Procter, Strategy & Innovation Director, and Shawn Jordan, Scientific Strategy Director are delivering a session.

Our presentation is supported by research from Instinct Resourcing, experts in learning recruitment.

Amidst the buzz around AI’s potential to revolutionize learning and development, the question arises: how can you, as a learning professional, harness this technology to keep pace with the industry and enhance your effectiveness?

This session offers a practical roadmap to future-proofing your career through the strategic acquisition of AI skills. Discover accessible strategies for leveraging AI tools to deepen your connection with learners, boost your creative prowess, and elevate your impact.

We’ll demystify the process, showing you that preparing for the future doesn’t require hefty investments in new technologies. Instead, it’s about smartly integrating AI into your existing practices to create more engaging, effective learning experiences. And the best thing is that you can get started right now.