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Preparing a
sales force team for a treatment launch with microlearning

Employing creative learning practices to prepare teams for a new C. difficile therapy launch

Our client's challenge

With a groundbreaking new therapy for the debilitating C. difficile infection ready for launch, our client needed to get sales and marketing teams prepared to understand the implications.

To make matters more challenging, the solution needed to be agile, as the approved scientific narrative was still being written.

Our approach

A microlearning curriculum comprised of multi-modal assets would engage representatives’ varied learning styles, while instilling confidence in the new treatment therapy and product. Our curriculum should pull through the need for the new therapy and demonstrate how it can help patients with the debilitating illness.

Our solution

We developed a microlearning curriculum that featured film, podcasts, bite-sized digital learning, infographics, and embedded audio.

We implemented informed creativity to use the theme of ‘the microbiome’ to highlight how an unhealthy gut makes infection more likely. Which also tied in well with our ‘microlearning’ style.

As the learner progressed through the journey, the artwork evolved to show an improvement to the health of the gut and gradually reveal our client’s brand imagery. We used visualizations like this throughout to help us communicate complex information using familiar concepts.

  • Microlearning curriculum
  • Video series illustrating the impact of C. difficile on patients, caregivers and HCPs
  • 6-episode podcast looking at disease state, brand, and patient access
  • Action packs to split the curriculum by topic

The impact

The learner shift is most evident when you compare the content revisit rate of the Microbiome Learning Journey against the historical content revisit rates our client has seen with previous training deployments. On average, the learners have historically shown a content revisit of 8%. In contrast, when evaluating the Microbiome Learning Journey content, our client saw their content revisit rate increase to 81%. This 74% increase can be attributed to the combination of a dynamic and visually engaging approach from our Creative team paired with the compelling patient-focused narrative told by our Scientific team.

increase in content revisits

What our client said