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Delivering commercial excellence globally

Plugging the variable capability gap across a global team

Our client’s challenge

When it came to the core marketing skills of their commercial stakeholders, our client found themselves faced with a capability gap that encompassed differing levels of ability.

Our insight

Our client was in an interesting position where their product and portfolio dominated the market. Brand plans had followed the same strategy and tactics year on year and with new competition entering the market, the marketing team needed to unlock true marketing capabilities to stay ahead of the competition and maintain market share. 

Our approach

Assessing their core marketing skills enabled us to develop a 3-tier Global Commercial Excellence program that catered to the functional needs of every person, for differing levels of ability:

  • Marketing university annual program
  • Commercial onboarding platform
  • Training programs (eblasts, infographics)
  • Ongoing support for advisory boards and marketing summits

Our solution

By anchoring the whole experience in the customer journey and harnessing the insights we’d unearthed about their audience, we were able to create a smart learner experience that resonated across the entire business, focusing on:

  • Foundations
  • Brand management and tactical execution
  • Strategic marketing

In the first year alone, we delivered:

22 courses to 338 participants

Having been brought in initially for the one project, we soon became their partner-of-choice for all Global Commercial Excellence programmes.

What our learners said

It really changes your perspective and gives you so much to think about – as well as tips that can be immediately implemented.