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A competitive fitness learning program for sales teams

A blended learning approach to upskill our client’s sales team and sharpen their competitive edge, through impactful conversations with HCPs.

Our client’s challenge

Our client had recently launched a new global commercial L&D team, who needed to fully understand the key priorities in each market within their highly competitive therapy area. They needed help getting their sales teams into the best possible shape in each market area.

Our insight

We partnered with our client to identify key priorities such as the need for sales teams to, not only better understand their data, but also be able to more confidently navigate customer interactions.

Our approach

We designed a year-long learning curriculum focused on competitive fitness – a blended program that helped field teams better understand how to use key data and confidently adopt competitive mindsets, empowering them to create impactful customer engagements that maximized brand performance.

As the program rolled out, we collaborated closely with our client to gather insights and feedback from markets which informed the focus, development, and rollout of Phase 2.

Our solution

A 5-step learning journey helped the team learn and practice the skills to:

  1. Identify key strategic product differentiators
  2. Analyze the competitor landscape
  3. Understand customer perspectives
  4. Navigate customer objection handling exercises
  5. Tailor messages using emotional selling and neuro-communication principles

We developed a program-in-a-box for all assets and launched it to L&D leads across the world.

We also delivered Train the Trainer workshops, walking specific teams through the learning journey to support L&D leads to launch the programme and deliver it locally.

Within the programme pre and post-learner evaluation was built in to track confidence, skill, knowledge and behavior change.

Adapting the program to changing needs

Following feedback from Phase 1 of the competitor fitness learning program, we enhanced Phase 2 with further blended learning:

  • Additional self-led learning initiatives with an increased dynamic range of micro-learning materials
  • Increased expert workshops, including interactive activities and role-plays, asking learners to place themselves in the competitors’ shoes to optimize their ability to question and challenge
  • Program effectiveness continues to be measured through regular knowledge checks and learner feedback

What our clients said