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Helping businesses and students turn automation into opportunity with blended learning

A blended learning program to help people understand where robots could create a lasting change in performance

Our client's challenge

IMR (Irish Manufacturing Research) – a leading research and technology organization – wanted to offer its manufacturing clients a blended learning program to help them discover new automation and robotics opportunities within their own businesses.

Our insight

The diverse nature of the participants from different organizations and different industries lent itself to a blended microlearning experience.

Our approach

In close collaboration with the client, we designed an end-to-end 4-week learning pathway.

The program included a suite of engaging eLearning tools. For flexibility, we designed synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (recorded) learning activities, such as eLearning modules, virtual classroom sessions, instructor videos, offline assignments, and learner discussion forums. All of this would be seamlessly delivered through a bespoke Learning Management System.

Our solution

We created a series of activities, tools, and activations explicitly designed to support learners to focus on real-life, relevant, and business-critical projects:

  • A customized Learning Management System
  • An eCommerce solution to allow IMR to sell the program to their clients
  • 4 digital eLearning modules
  • 4 planned and rehearsed webinars
  • 13 instructor videos
  • PDF case studies, further reading, templates and assignment tasks