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Showing pharma teams the emotional burdens of patients and physicians

An experiential workshop to help prepare for the launch of a new liver cancer treatment

Our client's challenge

To prepare brand, marketing, and sales teams for the launch of a new liver cancer treatment while also bringing people together for an uncommon face-to-face national meeting.

The experiences of patients and those who care for them needed to be the primary focus, while also taking learners on a sensory journey through their world.

Our insight

We needed to build genuine empathy for both patients and the physicians treating them in this space, especially because a clear barrier to success in the launch was a feeling of nihilism that had come to pervade among physicians, due to the dearth of innovative, meaningful options for this disease prior to this launch.

Our approach

We wanted to include real patient stories in a sensitive way, which did not compromise confidentiality by revealing names or other personal details.

To achieve this, we drew inspiration from patient journals to create the stories of ‘Clarence’ and ‘Kristen’ (real patients with fictional names).

Additionally, our close working relationship with the client meant we were able to approach planning in a flexible way as the brand strategy was evolving in real-time ahead of the therapy launch.

Our solution

We created an experiential workshop for 80 brand, marketing, and sales specialists, which took them on a journey through the experiences of patients with newly diagnosed liver cancers. We wanted to deeply immerse our audience in the characters’ stories and so incorporated sights, sounds, and smells.

Each element of the experience was designed to connect clinical realities and experiences with the potential to make meaningful impacts on patients and their caregivers.

What our attendees said