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Preparing 90,000 Irish businesses for post-Brexit trading

An end-to-end technology solution for a mass audience

Our client's challenge

The Irish Government needed 90,000 Irish companies ready to negotiate the heightened customs trading requirements with a post-Brexit United Kingdom. It was critical to minimize the admin overheads for the training provider (Skillnet).

Our insight

The solution needed to be both slick and scalable. And more importantly, able to cope with the 90,000 Irish companies who needed the training.

Our approach

It was critical that our approach was scalable and hassle-free to help avoid delays and disruption to businesses and customers caused by incorrect or inaccurate customs declarations.

We took 5 days of face-to-face customs training and reimagined them into a fully mobile experience.

Our solution

An app powered by insight

We designed an end-to-end technology solution – from a company applying to the program, right through to a learner being certified – all via a phone.

  • Our custom iOS and Android app has API links to a self-registration website
  • Integrates Virtual Classroom booking and session delivery
  • Three bespoke mobile-first learning modules are powered by Teach on Mars
  • Includes four practice simulations
  • Includes Train the Trainer materials
  • Provides automated workflows for administering users and reporting
  • A technical helpdesk for support

Mick Curran

CEO of The Chartered Institute
of Logistics and Transport

What our client said

“It has been an absolute pleasure to undertake this journey with the team. Nothing was a problem. The development process was all about creating solutions where none existed. I am delighted to be associated with this project and am equally delighted with the assistance and guidance provided, without which this would never have been finished.”