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Preparing learners for a new cancer therapy launch with an interactive patient journey

An emotional and educational patient journey experience to promote insight and understanding before a global lung cancer drug launch

Our client's challenge

With a new lung cancer treatment set to impact the current standard of care, learners needed greater insight into patient outcomes – both before and after the drug hit the market.

We also needed the learner to understand how this new therapy would require deeper conversations with new types of HCPs in order to reshape the current mindset around detecting and treating the disease.

Our insight

An autonomous, self-paced, immersive solution was needed to maximize the impact of this learning experience in the midst of a fully virtual launch.

Our approach

Use digital storytelling to deliver an interactive and emotive experience over the course of a few weeks. This would allow learners to follow a ‘patient’ on their journey through disease diagnosis, meeting their care team, and treatment, while also managing the complexities of life with their family.

Incorporate social learning to connect learners through the experience – with each moment of reflection directing learners to our client’s internal engagement channels – so that they could discuss their experience with colleagues.

Our solution

We developed a self-guided, interactive multimedia experience through a patient’s diagnosis and treatment journey. On it, learners join a hypothetical patient, Claire Garcia, as she begins treatment and simultaneously helps plan her daughter’s wedding.

We also learn Claire’s mother was diagnosed when Claire was a child with the same form of cancer and briefly hear her talk about her mother’s treatment. Over the course of the experience, learners see Claire meet her medical team, go through tests, surgery and enroll in a clinical trial.

Each episode was told through emotive audio, video, and interactive features such as page flips, carousels, and hotspots. Learners were asked to consider the key decisions made by the medical team and the patient, with time for reflection on each.

The result

Following the self-paced experience, learners were able to hear from real patients during the virtual launch event and ask them questions about their diagnosis and treatment. This allowed them to see the variety of paths taken along the continuum of care, as well as the importance of elevating the patient voice.

The experience was sustainably designed, so it could be packaged for use on the client’s Learning Management System post-event. We packaged and delivered all of the components of the virtual experience for use by the global training leads and their local markets.

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