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Developing a business-driving leadership culture

Delivering a step-change in leadership performance

Our client’s challenge

Our client wanted to develop and execute a strategic approach to improving the performance of their organization and recognized that, to deliver this step-change in performance, it was critical that they invest in enhancing the capabilities of their business leaders.

Our insight

Through a thorough investigative phase, we uncovered that the coaching skills across Business Leaders were inconsistent and there wasn’t a clear understanding of what effective communication looked like, or how style flex could deliver greater impact. This, mixed together with a risk averse culture, was leading to a lack of innovative and performance-driving leadership.

Our approach

By diagnosing these capability gaps, we designed a strategic, modular leadership program for 125+ leaders which consisted of:

40%+ stakeholder interviews

3-module core program

1:1 coaching sessions

In addition to the core program, we provided ongoing operational and strategic client support including:

  • Internal senior leadership sessions
  • Cycle meetings
  • Coaching clinics

The results

92% of participants believe that participating in the program made a difference to the way they lead.

What our learners said

The sessions were well thought out, engaging and addressed all the issues.